Funny Motivational Humorist Bobbe White is a… 

  • Therapeutic laughter expert (One of the first certified in the world!) and 
  • Humor convert Bobbe is an excellent fit for organizations that want to celebrate staff and their members, better manage stress, and have more joy in the workplace, home, or anyplace! 
  • Bobbe masterfully weaves everyday humor and life’s relatable predicaments through her presentations.

“Her delivery? Entertaining! 

Her message? Significant?

Her energy? Oh boy!” 

—On-air Media

On stage, White shows how to turn her flaws, faux pas, and frazzled moments into relatable material. During the program, heads nod in agreement, and people will be laughing (either with her or at her!) Bobbe’s tips and tools are easily applicable before attendees ever leave the room! 

Presentations are both fun and functional!

Bobbe’s accomplishments have been featured in the New York Times, Newsweek, and Family Circle on “Laughter as a Current Trend in the Workplace.” She is a blogger, author, and co-author, including “Chicken Soup for the Wine Lover’s Soul” and “Life in the Laugh Lane.” In 2021, “Stress No Evil” (Twelve tips to keep from going bananas!) was published. 

Reading Bobbe’s books is like

listening to Bobbe talk!

Global shortage?  No shortage of humor and laughter when you book Bobbe for your upcoming event. She’ll turn off the stress and unleash the laughter! People who feel good work with more effectiveness, positivity, and success at work, home, and outside activities. 

“The path to good health

is paved with good humor!”

—Bobbe White

White, of Quincy, Illinois, and her husband, Jeff, co-founded their speaking and training group in 2001. White has a long history of banking, training, community board, and volunteer work. She has seen it all, including the workplace in times of upsizing and success when led by effective leadership and downsizing in times of parsimony when poorly managed. Your staffs’ attitude plays a huge part in the business equation. Let our presentations help foster that attitude to the good. Bobbe and Jeff are parents of two adult children and their spouses. Their new puppy and the therapeutic tool is named Snow White. (It was either that or Betty White!)

Let Bobbe…

  • Kick off your conference on an upbeat note!
  • Energize attendees after lunch, or 
  • Close your conference and send them home laughing!  

Expect laughter! 

Expect to learn! 

Expect lasting ideas!