Bobbe’s Presentations

  • Association Keynote
  • Conference Keynote
  • Employee Appreciation Event
  • Women’s Event Keynote
  • Nurses or Educators Appreciation (or ANY group that needs appreciation!)
  • Spouse Program
  • Women’s Night Out


(most requested program!)

You’re stressed out? I’m stressed out! We’re ALL stressed out! We say it and hear it daily. If your team is in a perpetual struggle to juggle all the things to do (who isn’t?) you may feel overworked, overwhelmed, and overcommitted! Bobbe shares creative, applicable, and fun ways to better manage stress in the workplace, the home place, or any place! (For marketing purposes, ask Bobbe about her caricature that gives this title a visual. Her new book, “STRESS NO EVIL—twelve tips to keep from going bananas!” is a great companion piece. 

Life in the Laugh Lane”

Bobbe steers through life’s twists and turns with a sense of humor and the gift of laughter and then lets YOU do the same—even if you’re a little rusty! Come learn laughter again and shift your flaws and faux pas into “ha” gear. If you’re not living in the laugh lane, you could end up in the people’s repair shop. Ready to turn the corner on negativity? Bobbe’s real stories enable the group to merge real life with laughter! 

(Companion book available for purchase.)

Try Laughter…Just for the Health of it!

Perfect title for heart month events, health symposiums, healthcare staff, or any event where the attendees want to learn more about the benefits of laughter. (Note: this program title can be a substitute for “Life in the Laugh Lane.”)

Meeting planners:

Bobbe’s preferred program length: 45-60 minutes