Bobbe’s Shoppe

It helps anyone manage everyday stress. Step-by-step suggestions render each tip immediately applicable, because of Bobbe’s innate talent for explaining ideas conversationally and humorously. Stress No Evil—Twelve tips to keep from going bananas! is filled with amusing stories and whimsical illustrations. Readers will be motivated to tackle daily issues that contribute to stress. It’s a quick, easy read for even the most hectic life!

Get in, sit down, hang on, and yuck it up as Bobbe White shows us how to steer through life’s twists and turns with her humorous perspective! You’ll love how she shifts her flaws and faux pas into “ha” gear. Ready to turn the corner on negativity? It’s full speed ahead with this charming book and it’s the smart and witty message.

A quick, fun, informative read and the first “green” book of its kind! White creatively weaves parallels between recycling and managing one’s stress, which is likened to garbage. It’s a whimsical approach to managing toxic people, global whiners, and our own fragile “ego-systems.”

Have you ever met someone unforgettable? Someone who touched your heart and soul? People who have faced difficult problems? People who have struggled to find solutions? People who fearlessly shared their stories? People who have inspired you? People, who have priceless personalities? In this volume, Bobbe White is featured as one of several “Priceless Personalities.” Bobbe’s chapter is a quick, fun, and easy read, as told to the author.

Are you a bona-fide wine connoisseur, investing in rare vintages–or a neophyte just learning to appreciate wine’s complexity? Whether you have the quintessential wine cellar or you simply delight in an occasional glass of rosé, “Chicken Soup for the Wine Lover’s Soul” will help you appreciate both the art and science behind every sublime bottle. You’ll get a boot out of Bobbe’s creativity when she and Becky just wanted a nice glass of wine!

Are you currently helping your aging parents or grandparents? Or perhaps you see their time of need coming down the pike. Bobbe’s next book is about aging parents and the tough topics we encounter along the way. Bobbe will offer ideas, suggestions, and resources to help you and your family walk through this season a bit more sanely. And, yes, you can expect some humor and laughter woven throughout her many, many stories! It is coming soon!

Expandable Breathing Balls: practice deep breathing with this contagious toy! Pull it a-p-a-r-t as you inhale; collapse it slowly, as you fully e-x-h-a-l-e. Then repeat because others will automatically join you!

Slingshot Stress Monkeys: send out this wildly, popular, plush monkey across the kitchen or across the office! Nobody gets hurt and everyone feels better! Cape and mask included!

Dammit Doll: Helps you work through stressful times with some fun. Instructions are sewn onto its chest. (assorted colors) When you want to climb the wall, just grab it by the legs and find a place to slam it and as you wack, the stuffing out of it, yell, “Dammit, Dammit, Dammit!”