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For over twenty years, I have been a professional speaker. I touted myself as a Certified Laughter Leader Expert because that is my uniqueness. I love engaging people and seeing them laugh again. Let’s talk! (Note: Bobbe’s preferred program length: 45-60 minutes.)

Wouldn’t it be ideal if we lived in a stress-free world? Unfortunately, to survive, we have to find ways of coping with stress. Let’s determine how I can help you and your organization. I am experienced in identifying ways to minimize stress. Let me share!

Writing is my happy place! This includes writing books, blogs, articles, and web pages. I also like writing for others. Check out my blog and books for a taste. Let me write your story or blog to share with the world!

Bobbe helps others learn to find humor and laughter in unexpected places and situations, from the mundane to the extraordinary! 

Let’s make something terrific together!