Life balance


Blog June 2014


We tag our trash with stickers for Friday pick-up, but first, you must buy them. I grocery shop a minimum of 27 times a week. Okay, 5, but I keep forgetting stickers. Our trash waits patiently, like kids you forgot to pick up from summer camp. Two consecutive Fridays with no stickers purchased. The trash needs to go away and I’ve no time to go to the store on Friday morning. How can I get the truck to take the trash?  Rubberband $5 bucks around 2 bottles of water and a mercy note, that’s how. Nevermind that the stickers would’ve only cost $3.00.  Hopefully a two dollar tip – and water – will be enough incentive.

It seemed like the best way to spend $5 bucks. On the way to work, I dropped off the car for detailing and would pick it up at 5:30pm. They’d be there until 6:00 p.m. Now,why would I think that in ten hours, I’d remember? As predicted, I left work and headed to my car that was not there. Ugh. I’d have to hoof it 8 blocks to the Detail Shop, seeing as the entire staff had, in mass exodus, fled the parking lot.  In 91 degrees – and equal humidity – I trudged;  my arms loaded with work, flowers from my birthday and my purse, which is more like a carry-on bag barely meeting requirements.

I wanted to call the shop to let them know I was on my way, but didn’t have the number.  It was new and I had given the business card away earlier. Feeling tired, hot, and discouraged, I pushed on to avoid locked office doors at the Detail Shop. My demeanor brightened, however, when I found a five dollar bill on the sidewalk. Finders keepers prevails after a quick look around.  The $5.00 stickers had just been offset. Woohoo! My next piece of luck occurred with one block to go; Kris, my hair stylist saw me walking and said, “Who is that? Wait! I recognize that hair…it’s Bobbe!” He offered me a ride for a block and I took it.

In my very clean car, I rounded the bend and a first glimpse of the curb. It’s like Christmas. Or, rather, Trashmas.  The trash is gone! So is the $5.00 bill and luke warm water. Success! I’m more than appreciative and vow to buy stickers soon. Yep! Best $5 bucks spent and found. Finally, I suit up Lily White, the black Lab, and visit my neighbors garage sale. I find a couple of things and promise to bring money over for the granddaughters, who were helping. Sort of.  Alaina was thrilled with making a fast $5.00  And THAT was the best $5 bucks spent all day.

Since it’s summer, let me remind you this is the same premise as driving by a child’s lemonade stand. Or rather NEVER driving by. Seriously, vow to not go by without purchasing a cup. Even if you dump it out around the corner. Pay the kids handsomely. Reward their efforts. Heck, give them $5 bucks for a 50 Cent beverage. Best $5 bucks you can spend. bwImage